surrounded by grace


  When the world of endless rush confounds me
I seek the magic of a timeless place
To fold the mystery of life around me
And dream within my heart
I am Surrounded by Grace

There the song of larks and gentle doves are sounding
I follow down the ancient path and wooded glades
To where the flowers weave a carpet on the ground
Into the palest purple light
I am Surrounded By Grace


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Aeonelaunches her inspiring project Surrounded by Grace - July 2009 with a beautiful new website full of images reflecting how this project will unfold.    The project will be the first in a series under this title – that will serve to transport the spirit by way of all things magical and mystery.  Surrounded by Grace will include a new album of songs, an experiential video incorporating music, voice, fairy tale and spoken word and a continuation

:::Symbols/Fonts:SYMBOL TRIANGLE.psd

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