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Special Thanks To:

The lovely and talented Cherish Alexander for her breath-taking work on this new site.  You are amazing.  My incredibly gifted brother-in-law, artist Neil Lawson Baker for the magical photographs of another world in England and for bringing my mystical vision to life. Jay Schulz for such artful assistance in all good things Photoshop.  Von Do for the wondrous site intro.  My dear friend Paca Thomas for all the work and pure creativity over the years on this site. Jeff Silverman for endless musical inspiration and 24 hour tech support.   Debra Silverman who is always there to help. My sister Grace and her horse ‘Mr Darcy’ who are both stars.My mother Bebe for actually sewing petals onto my bras. Chris Dane Owens for being an inspiration and a true knight!

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Jeff Silverman

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Reviews of ‘Point of Faith’ &‘Woman’s Touch’ cds

(Thanks to Russ Elliot for so much support over the years)

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